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DID Numbers are virtual numbers that empower users to transmit calls to existing telephone lines without the need of additional physical line into the PBX. Organizations can process thousands of simultaneous calls to suitable extensions with a DID number. These numbers allow you to buy a range of virtual telephone numbers from any country and route them to your phone directly. DID numbers can be forwarded anywhere in the world and are independent of the telecommunication providers. Calls can also be received via DID numbers on your mobile or landline phone, PC or laptop since they work with PSTNs, VoIP, and/or SIP. Rtel International offer extensive international coverage of local, national and toll-free virtual phone numbers (DIDs).

Who is it for?

    • Individuals: People, especially freelancers or frequent travelers, can leverage the benefits of a virtual phone number. This helps their clients, customers, and even team members connect with them irrespective of where they are. Entrepreneurs can find their audience, market themselves, convince their potential clients, and more without spending too much on telephone costs. Individuals can use virtual numbers to protect their privacy and to prevent spam callers and telemarketers from knowing their actual phone number.
    • Businesses: Companies spend thousands of dollars on setting up equipment for their phone lines but with using DID numbers, the companies not only require to pay substantial phone bills but also for the maintenance of all these purchased equipment. Businesses can assign virtual numbers to remote employees, temporary staff or short-term contractors.

Pricing :
You need to contact us to find the plan that fits your business needs. DID number plans can be purchased on a monthly or on a yearly plan. There can be unlimited or Pay as you go option depending on your needs. There are also no set-up fees and you can cancel anytime.