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SMS marketing (Short Message Service Marketing) is the process of sending promotional text messages to a target audience. It can reach many potential customers with a simple click of a button. Our customers can run offers, promotions, discount codes, contests, and more to boost conversions using our platform. With a 90% of messages being read within the first three minutes, SMS is the most cost effective, compelling and immediate form of customer communication available. Rtel International provides a reliable, secure and stable messaging platform, which can be scaled to deliver thousands of messages a second.

Who is it for?

    • Freelance professional: Create campaign marketing with texts and communicate faster with your customers in simple and cost-effective ways.
    • Small or medium Businesses: Companies spend thousands of dollars on setting up equipment for their phone lines but with using DID numbers, the companies not only require to pay substantial phone bills but also for the maintenance of all these purchased equipment. Businesses can assign virtual numbers to remote employees, temporary staff or short-term contractors.
    • Small or medium Businesses: Do you have great ambitions? Change the way you communicate, reach your customers directly by mobile. Approach their needs with high performance text marketing campaigns. Use our stats to calibrate your results.

Pricing :
Depending on sum of top up, country and operator there are different prices for sending SMS. You should contact us to receive the full price list after answering a few questions.